Pro Supps  AminoLinx (30 Servings) *Best By Date 10/31/2017*

Pro Supps: AminoLinx (30 Servings) *Best By Date 10/31/2017*

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  • Amino Linx BCAA & EAA


    *Best By Date 10/31/2017*


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    Pro Supps, a brand continuaily increasing its popularity, has come up with AminoLinx, the latest and greatest supplement for amino acids. AminoLinx is stimulant-free and sugar-free, but it contains electrolytes and B Vitamin complex to aid in essential hydration. It also contains Beta Alanine and Agmatine Sulfate for optimal performance. Here are key ingredient highlights that set AminoLinx apart:

    • Electrolytes & B Vitamin complex - for hydration
    • Beta Alanine & Citrulline Malate - for endurance
    • Agmatine Sulfate - for optimal performance as a result of increased blood flow and rapid transport of nutrients
    • Glutamine Peptides - for super fast absorption and recovery after workout


    As a dietary supplement mix 1 scoop (12.8g) of Aminolinx™ with 8-10 fluid oz. of cold water. Aminolinx™ can be consumed prior to training, during training and after training for maximum efficacy.

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