Body Nutrition  Aminolution (30 servings)

Body Nutrition: Aminolution (30 servings)

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  • Advanced BCAA + EAA Cocktail

    Aminolution is an advanced BCAA & EAA cocktail featuring 12g of Amino Acids for the ultimate strength, recovery & intraworkout supplement. In addition to its BCAAs & EAAs, Aminolution features a matrix of chelated eletrolytes, betaine, B-vitamins & green tea extract for consistent clean energy and hydration throughout your workout.

    • Loaded with 12g Aminos per Scoop
    • Albion Enhanced Chelated Electrolytes
    • Fuel and Burn with Taurine and B Vitamins
    • Recovery  Faster with Glutamine and Green Tea

    Aminolution amino profile

    Aminolution’s BCAA blend helps fuel skeletal muscle growth, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown for more lean muscle and greater strength. We use natural plant-based BCAAs unlike the animal-derived BCAAs more commonly found (usually derived overseas from bird feathers) in the market. This allows for a cleaner tasting and more refined product that sets it above the rest. Our 2:1:1 Leucine-Valine-Isoleucine ratio is the most clinically studied proportion to stimulate muscle growth synthesis, and the favored blend of both exercise physiologists and pros.

    Aminolution also features a well-balanced nonproprietary EAA blend. Taurine & Carnitine help provide a clean energy boost and assist in cell metabolism. Betaine and Citrulline to reduce fatigue and increase both anaerobic and aerobic performance. And Glutamine as a key building block for a healthy and speedy recovery after your intense workouts.


    Mix 1 level scoop (13.2g) of Aminolution with 8-10 ounces of water. Aminolution can be used before, during or after training, or between meals.

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