Body Nutrition  Body Nutrition: Trutein Natural (2lbs)

Body Nutrition: Trutein Natural (2lbs)

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  • Body Nutrition: Trutein Natural (2lbs)

    Au Naturel…

    When it comes to the food we eat today all we hear is that we need to be eating natural whole foods with no added preservatives. The same can be said for protein supplements and thats where Trutein Naturals shines!


    • 5.7g BCAAs
    • 25g Protein
    • 0g Sugar
    • 2.5g Prebiotic Fibre





    Trutein Natural contains a balanced non-proprietary blend of 45% whey, 45% Micelllar casein and 10% egg white. That means that the exact amount of protein you see on the label is exactly what you’re going to get, but what really makes Trutein Natural different is the quality and care taken by Body Nutrition to create one of the cleanest proteins supplements on the market today.

    It all starts with the premium grass-fed dairy which produces the protein to the fact that there are absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colours or other ingredients. It also contains 0g added sugar, is also very low in sodium and gluten free.

    Now you may be thinking that a natural protein may taste awful and I don’t blame you but when it come to taste Body Nutrition knows exactly what they’re doing. When it comes to protein, and I have tried many different kinds by different companies, I can honestly say that Trutein Naturals is one of the best protein supplements that I have ever tasted.

    Trutein Natural protein is for the person who wants an amazing tasting natural protein product.

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