PVL  Creapure Creatine (410g)

PVL: Creapure Creatine (410g)

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Creapure Creatine (410g)

    PVL Essentials Creapure Creatine

    Creapure® is regarded by many as one of the best form of Creatine that you can get. We agree with that; it's the purest and cleanest creatine monohydrate, sourced straight from Germany. In a nutschell, Creapure® gives you the following benefits:

    • Provides awesome power & strength
    • It is Nano-micronized, meaning that it has the highest solubility and uptake.
    • Increases lean muscle mass

    Pharmaceutical and Research-Grade Creatine Monohydrate

    The effect of creatine supplementation has been studied and researched in people with a wide range of fitness and athletic ability. Creatine improves athletic performance because for one thing, it promotes phosphocreatine resynthesis which, in turn, produces ATP - the source of energy that keeps everything going - during your exercise. And Creapure® Creatine helps provide immediate energy sources without exhausting it quickly, which could happen with some forms of creatine.

    Taken at the proper dose with water, PVL Creapure® Creatine does not cause dehydration or bloated feeling. PVL has tested using USP pharmaceutical standards for safety, purity, and efficacy.

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