Pro Supps  Creatine 300 (300g)

Pro Supps: Creatine 300 (300g)

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Creatine 300 (300g)
  • ProSupps Creatine 300

    Creatine 300 by Pro Supps is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate. High quality creatine monohydrate, known to be the most effective creatine available to athletes.

    • Increase ATP levels
    • Increase Strength
    • Increase Size
    • Accelerate Muscle Recovery

    Recommended Use:

    Mix one serving (5g) in water, juice or protein and consume immediately. A higher intake of water while taking creatine products is suggested for best results.

    Loading Phase: 

    For the first 3 days its always suggested to do a loading phase with creatine monohydrate. This means consuming 5g of creatine monohydrate four times per day, for a total of 20g of creatine monohydrate throughout the entire day.

    Maintenance Phase:

    After the loading phase one serving of 5g of creatine monohydrate is all that is needed to maintain.

    Off Cycle: 

    After 8 weeks of being on a creatine cycle, its best to stop using creatine products completely for 4 weeks and then go back on cycle following the same loading and maintenance stages.

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