Fusion Bodybuilding  GLUTAMEND (630g, 120 servings)

Fusion Bodybuilding: GLUTAMEND (630g, 120 servings)

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GLUTAMEND (630g, 120 servings)
  • Fusion Glutamend

    Heal Faster. Grow Faster.

    Fusion GLUTAMEND is scientifically formulated to work with your training and nutrition to help muscle recovery so you’ll heal and grow. GLUTAMEND helps put your body in the go zone so you’re healthy and ready to rebuild your muscles bigger, better and stronger. GLUTAMEND was created to keep your entire body primed for health and growth. It works in six different ways to help you keep healthy, healing and huge.

    GLUTAMEND works in six different ways by

    • Repairing your muscles
    • Helping maximize muscle function
    • Supporting a positive nitrogen balance
    • Boosting your immune system
    • Enhancing your digestion
    • Strengthening your bones
  • Ingredients for GLUTAMEND (630g, 120 servings)
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