MuscleTech  Peak ATP (60 Caps)

MuscleTech: Peak ATP (60 Caps)

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Peak ATP (60 Caps)
  • Peak ATP (60 Caps)


    How many pre workout supplements can legitimately help you add lean muscle and extreme strength gains without feeling jittery or anxious? Just 1 and thats Peak ATP by MuscleTech.


    PEAK ATP is a new, powerful muscle building pill that is to be taken before your workout, similar to a pre-work out, but what makes it different is that it's stimulant free. That means you wont feel those jitters or "buzz" that you may experience with some pre-workouts.

    PEAK ATP has a powerful formula that is sure to boost your strength and performance. This one-of-a-kind, pre workout pill is engineered to deliver next level gains. There is nothing quite like this on the market today, and it should be no surprise that it is exclusively available from MuscleTech, the creators of Clear Muscle.

    Muscle Tech suggests taking Peak ATP for at least 12 weeks to see the full effects but you will see noticeable results after one full bottle

    Since Peak ATP is stimulant free, you may not feel it working right away. Instead of feeling the results, you will be seeing them. Muscle Tech conducted their own tests, in partnership with the University of Tampa, and test subjects where able to put on 8.8lbs of lean muscle within 12weeks

    Peak ATP is designed to push your workouts to the next level, but you still have to put in the time at the gym and make sure your nutrition and training are on par. We know you will enjoy Peak ATP just as much as we did!


    Suggested Use

    On Training days take one serving (2 Caps) 30mins before your workout. On non-training days, take one serving of Peak ATP 20 - 30 minutes before breakfast. 


    The Stack

    We suggest stacking Peak ATP with Carb’s, BCAA’s, and or an Isolate protein to make sure your body is always in a full anabolic state on the days you workout, and on your rest days. 


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