Magnum Nutraceuticals  THRUST (120 caps) and Get 1 Free Magnum Primer Performance Pack (24 servings)

Magnum Nutraceuticals: THRUST (120 caps) and Get 1 Free Magnum Primer Performance Pack (24 servings)

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THRUST (120 caps) and Get 1 Free Magnum Primer Performance Pack (24 servings)
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    Magnum Thrust + Primer


    This Magnum BOGO deal is perfect for the person looking to take their gains in the gym to the next level while improving their overall health. Most people focus on Macro Nutrients (carbs, fats and protein) while dieting but Micro Nutrients are just as important for living a healthy well balanced life.


    Even the most well thought out diet will leave certain holes in your nutrition but luckily Magnum has created a product to help you fill those holes. The Primer Pack is designed with 6 distinct complexes to help your body reach its maximal potential.


    Along with the Primer Pack you will receiving a bottle of Magnums Thrust. Thrust will help you raise the levels of testosterone in your body naturally. You'll notice greater results in the gym, better mental focus and an increased sex drive.


    Test Therapy | Anti-Aromatase | Muscle Density

    Magnum Thrust is an advanced natural testosterone amplifier and estrogen suppressant.  The powerful compounds in Magnum Thrust will drastically improve your muscle density, strength, endurance, sleep and recovery, and will have you feeling more youthful in a matter of days.


    • It offers a spectacular balance of natural testosterone production support and estrogen suppression
    • Magnum Thrust is an amazing mix of the best test. ingredients available:
      • M-OXO (for advanced estrogen suppression)
      • Longifolia (for incredible testosterone boosting and “performance” enhancement)
      • Beta Ecdysterone & 20H (for the deepest sleep you may ever get, amazing strength gains and improved protein synthesis)
      • 12 other incredible ingredients that will support your Leutinizing Hormone, natural testosterone production, increase free-flowing testosterone, etc…
    • Your muscles will be harder and tighter
    • You will get deep, very restful (anabolic) sleep
    • You will not inhibit or disrupt your natural testosterone production
    • Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade


    High-end Testosterone boosters are created for men looking to drastically improve and support their natural testosterone production.  These products are best used to enhance lean muscle mass, repair and support test. production damaged by the use of pro-hormones or steroids, and increase the amount of free-flowing testosterone and your body’s ability to recognize more of what is already there.


    • Increased lean muscle mass
    • Support testosterone production and recognition without negatively impacting your body’s ability to do it naturally
    • Make you feel younger
    • Inhibit estrogen spiking
    • Improved blood flow and hardening (everywhere!)


    • Is trying to break through a plateau in their exercise routine
    • Has low testosterone (either naturally or as a result of the use of: steroids, M1T, pro-hormones, andros, etc.)
    • Wants to increase their strength and endurance
    • Is trying to increase lean muscle mass & improve body composition
    • Is in need of better sleep
    • Is a male bodybuilder or athlete


    Training Days: Take 3 caps 15 minutes prior to training. Take 3 caps 30 minutes before bed.

    Non-Training Days: Take 3 caps in the morning. Take 3 caps 30 minutes before bed.



    How quickly can I expect results from Magnum Thrust®?

    You should start to see noticeable results in your first week; however, we have had many customers & athletes notice a difference in their sleep and strength in the first few days!

    What results can I expect from taking Magnum Thrust®?
    Results include noticeable strength gains, endurance, muscle hardening, improved sleep and a big difference in your recovery between workouts.

    What is the optimal way to take Magnum Thrust®?
    We recommend on the bottle that you take 8 capsules per day – 3 before the workout and 3 before bed; those capsules before bed are critical to notice the deeper sleep!  You should also take 3 capsules, twice daily, on your non-training days (again, remember to take 3 before bed)!

    Magnum Thrust® claims to be very “anabolic” and a true “testosterone booster,” will I test positive for anything questionable?
    No.  Magnum Thrust® creates a very anabolic environment in your body, partially due to the deep, restful sleep that promotes superior muscle recovery.  This anabolic environment has also been known to improve protein synthesis and allow muscle fibers to regenerate faster and with improvements in strength and overall performance.   The natural ingredients in Magnum Thrust® assist your LH (leutinizing hormone) to detect testosterone that is already present in your body and increase unbound, free-testosterone levels.

    **If you compete in a strict federation, it is best to check the ingredients of Magnum Thrust® with the governing body of your sport before using.

    Will Magnum Thrust® have any effect on my libido?
    Yes!!  The ingredients in Magnum Thrust® have been proven to support its use for this purpose and demonstrate that it is effective at boosting sexual function and endurance.


    Primer Performance Packs

    Magnum Primer Performance Packs provide an athlete with the essential foundation required to properly nourish the body. Primer contains high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are highly absorbable to maximize your cells function and performance. Primer Performance Packs are formulated to support muscle mass and recovery, strength and performance, and fat metabolism.

    Each pack of Primer includes 8 capsules:

    Cell Repair (2 capsules) - full profile multi-vitamin, anti-oxidant and anti-aging formula

    Brain Food (1 capsule) - brain activation, edema and blood pressure optimizer

    Power Fats (1 capsule) - omega 3, 6, 9 super blend

    Amino Prime (2 capsules) - anabolic and metabolic activating compound

    Digest RX (1 capsule) - complete spectrum acti-digestive complex

    Hydration Plus (1 capsule) - muscle contraction, hydration and bone density formula

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