BSN  TRUE-MASS (5.75 lbs)

BSN: TRUE-MASS (5.75 lbs)

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  • BSN True Mass Gainer 

    BSN has developed a lean mass gainer for individuals looking for caloric support, which is necessary to maximize lean muscle recovery. Additionally, it can provide the level of nutrients required by an individual with a higher metabolic rate or an extremely intense training regimen that burns countless calories.

    Complementing the multi-functional protein matrix within TRUE-MASS is a blend of complex carbohydrates, providing useable energy for one's ever-active muscles. To maximize energy and recovery, MCTs and essential fatty acids lend a hand, in addition to BCAAs for promoting positive nitrogen balance, and glutamine peptides for maximal anti-catabolic effects. 

    TRUE-MASS contains 100% of the recommended daily value for no less than 21 vitamins and minerals, which includes Vitamins A, C and E.

    Key Ingredient Highlights and Benefits

    • Promotes Muscle Anabolism
    • Promotes Protein Synthesis
    • Anti-Catabolic
    • Supports Vitamin and Mineral Intake
    • Promotes Fast Energy
    • Supports the Immune System
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